Lante Investment Holdings®

Welcome to Lante Investment Holdings

We are a pure research and actuarial firm and specialize in building quantitative and qualitative solutions in the emerging business and economic development space. We have observed hurdles faced by small businesses in decision making, such as irrational activity due to complex offerings and emotional cloud. These among other attributes have resulted in high business failure rate (currently 5 out of 7 Small businesses fold within the first year). Our team recognizes where small-medium businesses fall short and it is mainly as a result of cognitive mistakes and financial resources.

Our solution is simply to build crutches and nudges to assist small-medium businesses to be more efficient and sustainable in the intricate business ecosystem. We are passionate and love building sound auxiliary solutions that foster emerging businesses to greater heights

Our interests include:

  • Behavioral Science
  • Board membership
  • Business strategy/development
  • Direct Investments
  • Due diligence
  • Monitoring and Valuation
  • Policy structuring
  • Research and forecasting